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Lodge Lockhart St. John

Number 248


A Brief History


It seems likely that Freemasonry existed in and around Carnwath long before the existence of Lodge Lockhart St. John. It had long been the practice for churchgoers to travel many miles to participate in Sunday worship and, in like manner, so would Freemasons travel to adjacent towns and villages to join in the assemblies of those lodges.

As in all such beginnings, certain names come to the fore with a certain regularity. A charter dated 2nd November, 1812, and supported by the old lodge of Lanark and by Biggar lodge was granted by Grand Lodge of Scotland allowing the establishment of "The Lockhart Lodge" in Carnwath, the fee being a princely ten Guineas (10.50) and the office bearers for that historic first year were :-


Right Worshipful Master

Deputy Master

Substitute Master

Past Master

Senior Warden

Junior Warden

Senior Deacon

Junior Deacon




      James Nairn

Archibald Nairn

James Salmon

William Sommerville

Robert Watson

Peter McQueen

William Girdwood

George Tervet

James Stark

James Graham

James Young


In those early days, meetings are thought to have been held in the Heads Inns and the lodge set to work with such great diligence that by 8th February, 1813, fifty nine new members had been added. In March of that year a committee had been formed to oversee the design and building of the present day lodge buildings.

The foundation stone was laid by Norman Lockhart (later of Tarbrax) at a ceremony on 2nd July, 1813 with representatives of Lanark, St.Davids, New Lanark and Biggar lodges in attendance. "A ball afterwards took place."

Under the date 27th December, 1813, we find the following accounts:-


66 - 13 - 00   Mason Work   Robert Watson
141 - 16 - 00   Wright Work   James Nairn
12 - 12 - 00   Slater Work   William Baxter
16 - 10 - 00   Plumber Work   William Baxter
6 - 6 - 00   Architect Work   James Nairn


The lodge building was consecrated on 6th May, 1814 and present at the ceremony were representatives of the sister lodges from both Old and New Lanark, Lesmahagow, Biggar and Douglas.


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